Buyer Guidelines

When you buy from a store on MoveItGear, you’re directly supporting an independent business or individual.

See MoveItGear’s standard return policy. Because each shop on MoveItGear is unique, policies, payment methods, processing times, and shipping methods will vary from store to store.

If you have a question about an item or an order, you should contact the shop directly using the Question system. If you have any questions about what a service allows for, use the Question system to ask the store. Some types of questions you should ask, if you are unsure from the listing:

  1. What is the geographical region for a lesson or rental?
  2. Do I have to pick up the item? What is the location of the pickup?
  3. For a lesson, what can I expect to learn? Is there a prerequisite skill level required in order to take the lesson?

We ask that stores meet MoveItGear’s standards of customer service and honor their own policies. After you’ve purchased an item, you can leave a review. If you purchased from the MoveItGear Marketplace, have a problem with an order, and are unable to reach a resolution with the seller, you can open a case with our MoveItGear Trust & Safety Team.

If you purchased directly from the Store's Branded Site, please contact the store directly by asking a Question or reaching out to the store directly. When purchasing from Store's Branded Site, MoveItGear is only a technology facilitator. All payments, customer service, and resolutions must be handled directly through the store.

In order to have the best experience on MoveItGear, be sure to read store policies and listings carefully. Keep in mind that we do not protect transactions that are completed off of MoveItGear.

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