Brand Program

MoveItGear is a brand-friendly destination for sports, fitness, and outdoor products.

Why partner with MoveItGear to bring exposure to your brand?

  • Manage your brand presence online
  • Tell your brand’s authentic story
  • Ensure your brand is sold in a manner consistent with your brand image
  • Drive direct sales or drive sales to your valued retailers

How do you drive sales through MoveItGear?

You can quickly and easily create a brand-centric online store at MoveItGear. Your brand will gain access MoveItGear’s base of sports, fitness, and outdoor consumers, and expose your brand to a new set of potential customers.

What if I don’t sell direct to consumers?

Give your retailers a new sales channel to drive sales, in an increasingly competitive and omni-channel market. Our brand ambassadors will even reach out to your retailers, if you prefer.

MoveItGear is a great way for brands to give their independent retailers an easy way to enter the online sales market, while simultaneously being able to control their brand. MoveItGear stores are easily customizable for your independent retailers to market themselves and effective serve customers in an easy and low-risk way to capitalize on online sales.

What does it cost?

We take a small commission based on sales. There are no fees to create a MoveItGear Store.

Contact us to learn more about how MoveItGear can help bring your brand new awareness and sales.

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